Dr. Maria Michael and The Great Mystery.


Dr. Maria Michael believes that we all come from the same Creation, and that everyone has the potential and capacity to communicate with Creation. While the Lakota call Creation "The Great Mystery," other traditions may refer to Creation, with names such as, "God," "the Universe," "Allah," "Yahweh," "Divine Love," "Universal Love" or "Cosmic Consciousness."


We not only choose our human families, but also we choose, initially at least, our own unique form or tradition of understanding and communication with the Great Mystery. No form or tradition is better than another. Humans are merely attempting to understand "That" which is beyond comprehension.


All messages from the Great Mystery are compassionate and loving, even though at times these messages may appear difficult. Creation’s message appears to us in whatever way we choose to comprehend it. Sometimes, we are only capable of comprehending deeply sensitive messages that resound in our hearts, and sometimes only strong and “seemingly” shocking messages penetrate our defenses. This loving Spirit guides us to remove those obstacles that stand in our way of becoming all that Creation and We intended us to be. 

My intent is to support you to maximize your potential; to live your birthright, so you can fulfill your life on all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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