Dr. Maria Michael was given the gift of "sight" and the ability to “see” through the body, time and space, for the purposes of education and healing. Although she has had extensive doctoral and post-doctoral training in multiple fields, nothing in those fields prepared her to create changes on a cellular level. The Spirits taught her that everything starts at the level of Spirit and Heart and that imbalance often starts here. While navigating through Life, we frequently go in and out of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. These imbalances show themselves on the un-manifested or energetic levels fairly quickly. If these imbalances remain unchanged, they manifest in the body as illnesses, symptoms or dis-ease. These illnesses or symptoms may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual and may be viewed as “early warning systems”.


All of our life experiences are balanced and/or imbalanced and have been woven together to make our life’s tapestry. It is this tapestry that must be tweaked very carefully, thread by thread, starting at the cellular level. Keeping this tapestry stable is important to maintain balance, harmony and long-term, permanent health. Various healing techniques may be appropriate, depending on the symptoms.  However, Dr. Michael is keenly aware that “talk” therapy alone does not work.


Rather, in order to re-establish total health, there must be an integration between self-awareness and the cellular infrastructure in which cellular memory has been encoded. These cellular memories are psychochemical in nature, linked in the body and "frozen" in time. Dr. Michael is trained by the Spirits to help you with trances, deep cellular emotional therapeutic work, hands-on-healing, coaching and a variety of other restorative techniques. Dr. Michael works as a part of the triangle with you and Creation to promote cellular healing and return the tapestry to balance and harmony.

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My intent is to support you to maximize your potential; to live your birthright, so you can fulfill your life on all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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