A Gift from Spirit, with Love

We welcome you,

With all that is happening on this planet, we all have a lot to be grateful for, and many people to pray for, as Grandmother Earth is trying to cleanse herself. Many of the human family are working hard with each other to create a new paradigm from power and greed to a paradigm of prayer, peace and love, where all living beings can come together as ONE family with compassion for each other. 

Below are gifts for you. 

We pray they are a blessing and support for your journey.

Dr Maria

"How to Connect with Spirit in Any Moment"

with Dr. Maria Michael

Please Join  Lakota / Dine' Elder Dr Maria for a message from Spirit and the Ancestors:

"How to Connect with Spirit in Any Moment" 

 Dr Maria walks us through how to connect with Spirit through meditation and gratitude as a part of our daily lives. 

No prayer is too small or too big, ever.

My intent is to support you to maximize your potential; to live your birthright, so you can fulfill your life on all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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