November 1-3, 2019

Remembering Who You Are and

Maximizing your Potential

with Dr. Maria D. Michael


Our Lady of Grace Retreat Center

29 Shelter Rock Road

Manhasset, NY 1030


$550 + fees Workshop + 6 meals

$665 + fees Workshop + 6 meals +

2 nights accommodations at retreat center 










Dr. Maria D. Michael is a licensed Psychologist and a Spiritual Elder who conducts and participates in Native American ceremonies. Join Dr. Michael as she shares a group healing circle ceremony/workshop called: Remembering Who You Are and Maximizing your Potential.

This is an experiential workshop designed to promote individual and group healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is a guided interactive process, in which each participant will experience a variety of techniques using LIGHT, SOUNDS, TOUCH, ENERGY AND ANCIENT WISDOM HEALING TECHNIQUES. The goal of this ceremony is to help each person come into a place of inner balance and alignment.


The workshop is NOT a traditional Ceremony, but has been gifted by the Spirits and approved by the Elders to be done in public as workshops, which we were told to bring to ALL the people.


Many different forms of pain can be accessed; physical pain, emotional pain or spiritual pain, grief and loss, for example. One workshop participant described Dr. Maria Michael as the captain of a boat gliding over a sea of pain and bringing the workshop participants from the shore of suffering to the shore of transformation and healing. Dr. Maria Michael cannot predict ahead of time the intensity of participants reactions, as the Spirit helpers around each person also work with her Spirits to bring up what is needed for their own profound change. Please be aware that some people have more intense reactions than others.


On Friday night, we’ll participate in a sacred water ritual. A portion of the registration fee for this ceremony will be donated to the Lakota People’s Law Project (Atty. Danny Sheehan) to help with the ongoing legal and health needs of Standing Rock and the Water Protectors.


Some of our Past Participant’s Experiences include:


“Maria holds a beautiful space for deep healing which has led me personally and my students to the most life-changing and amazing shifts at every level: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.”


“The sessions shifted my mind from doubt, despair and fear to a lightened up state of hope, ease and joy.”



I have struggled over the last few hours to find words to describe my experience.  I was the person that received the circle healing.  I have never experienced so much love, compassion and support ever in my life.  The room disappeared and all that was left was my relatives and the spirits.  We were all one. Maria worked with her spirits to bring healing to me. When this was happening I felt completely drained of everything as if I was, was taken apart and my spirit was freed from the confines of my body and reassembled in a way that I was stronger.  After as we were walking I felt like I was naked as if something has been left behind. A block has been removed.



Maria’s workshops has been a positive influence to The Yoga & Movement Center as a licensed Psychologist and a Spiritual Elder. She conducts and participates in Native American ceremonies in an experiential workshop designed to promote individual and group healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Maria holds a beautiful space for deep healing which has led me personally and my students to the most life-changing and amazing shifts at every level: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Having participated in several of her workshops at the Yoga & Movement Center Maria's ability to scan the body, mind and spirit along with her skills as a psychotherapist with a constant presence of the love. She is an extraordinary medical intuitive and has provided needed insight for many of her students igniting their healing process. Maria provides compassionate, direct, powerful, and clear insight into peoples' issues. She has a rare talent in her ability to give a multilevel and deep understanding of problems and to assist in healing energetically has been of great value to me and my students. Her use of ceremony, highly developed intuition and energy healing helped create change at a deeply profound level. I would highly recommend Maria's work to anyone seeking a deeper, truer experience of Self. 

- Diane Valentine 



Maria’s Healing Circles are genuine Medicine for Body, Mind and Spirit. The physical symptoms held before heading into the workshop were of a tense back resulting from a year plus old injury. Emotionally, I was hoping to find a way to reestablish inner peace after my wife passed away only a few months earlier. As the workshop started in the evening, I had spent the day at work and my back was longing for a rest. Rather than standing stationary as done so for the healing circles, the tension in the back generally requires me to either rest over a gym ball, exercise yoga or lay down however; the progress made during the five healing circles performed was remarkable. Already during the second healing circle, my back started to ease up. An uplifting feeling that with each of the following three circles pleasantly increased. Not only enjoyed the back relief, the sessions shifted my mind from doubt, despair and fear to a lightened up state of hope, ease and joy. Thank you so much Maria. I do look forward to the next workshop.

-Axel Walther


Dr. Maria Michael’s teachings are thrilling and transformative. Much like a conductor of a spiritual symphony, she helps to orchestrate profound healing of physical, emotional and spiritual wounds. What I find extraordinary is that she teaches how to heal on both the subtle levels of spirit and the deep cellular levels of the body. She works on both the level of group and individual healing. I have experienced her work with a variety of students who report profound shifts of consciousness. I highly recommend her as a teacher and healer.

- Madelon Hope, Director of the Boston School of Herbal Studies. 

Knowing Dr Maria Michael and having attended her last workshop ("From Spirit With Love"), I can truly attest to the fact that I am excited to be at her upcoming weekend workshop ("Remembering Who You Are and Maximizing Your Potential").  

As a Psychologist and a Spiritual Native American Elder, her ability to gather in the forces of nature, the wisdom and input of the transcended Elders and the individual needs of those in participation is almost mystically magnificent. 


The concept of simultaneous wheels of group healing was awesome to observe and participate with.  To observe Dr. Maria float from one circle to another identifying specific frequencies given to her by the spirits for each specific person was amazing. She also instructed people to aim certain colors to certain organs, to allow for deeper healing to happen. The releases, relief and raising of individual vibrations was absolutely amazing.

As a healer and chiropractor myself, along with my own Native American bloodline, it was easy for me to understand what was happening as she worked with the Spirits.  From that vantage point I can absolutely say that Dr. Maria Michael is real, her work and healing is real and her ability to connect with spirit and activate individuals with her light body, sounds, touch and the input from ascended masters / Elders is real and is transformational. There is no doubt that through her energy work, ancient healing techniques and the guided interactive participant work, participants stand to have a clearer understanding of who they are and maximize their own personal potential.

I am also excited about the Sacred Water Ritual that will lead off the weekend and will benefit the Standing Rock people and the Water Protectors.  This is powerful and much needed work.

- Richard Statler, DC, DICCP, CCSP, Chibcha / Inca South America bloodline, Reiki / QiGong practitioner

My intent is to support you to maximize your potential; to live your birthright, so you can fulfill your life on all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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