Standing Rock- Support from the Muslim Community

November 5, 2016


In this time of great despair, and purpose in Standing Rock to save not only Our People, Our Grandmother Earth, Our Water for the Next 7 generations, all faiths are coming together to unite the world in peace, solidarity and prayer.

We are one family…all races.. One Humanity….only the government, corporations and greed have no idea.. Let’s all stand together. This was sent by my brother, Professor A.L.I., a devout Muslim. We love you, bro. #NoDAPL#WeStandInSolidarty #StandingRock 

Standing Alone on Standing Rock? By Professor A.L.I.

Redirect the pipeline towards holy land; a pilgrimage towards pollution. 

Irrigation upon faces, standing firm upon Rock; Facing the East in prayer, no ablution.

And ignorance loaded in gun chambers, wielded by ignorants are deemed solutions.

Hear the thunder, as the buffalo pound their fists into the earth causing your confusion.

Our clarity, is the eye of the storm, why not redirect the filthy pipe towards lily white fields?

Is it because White Privilege is your sacred cow; the golden bull before which you kneel?

So your holiness is to be protected, while ours demolished, while its hidden from view.

Indeed Plymouth Rock landed on us, now Standing Rock now lands upon you.

What will you do?

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