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In the hope that this will help someone, I’d like to tell you my experience with Dr. Maria D. Michael. I had received a pacemaker the week before and went in to the hospital on an emergency basis. The doctors were not quite clear whether my condition was going to decline or improve. It is so amazing to me that on the level of mundane communication, I had never been in touch with Dr. Michael previously. Yet it came about in such a way, that if there are other powers eager to help, they surely assisted me to encounter the work of Dr. Michael by remote contact. The way she saw my inner being at that point, from everything that she told me, which I had not told her, was right. In my astonishment I was eager to have intervention on my behalf on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. There was a calming on my body. It looked like the inflammation was going down and even the incision was less painful. I also want to say that the remote healing made it possible for the body to stop rejecting the pacemaker and the emotional piece of that healing was important. What was important for me was that the healing was connected with sacred ritual and ceremony. The way in which they were reading me was so accurate. By reporting on the interaction with the various energies I was drawn into what I felt was a healing community. I received recommendations of what to do and how to support healing and I realized that I could change whatever was needed on all levels.

-Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi

Maria Michaels in the early 1990s requested a healing ceremony in the Lakota tradition from me. In performing that ceremony, I witnessed the Thunder beings come and reaffirm and bless her gifts as a healer. From that time, she has been a great source of help at the Hollow Horn Bear Sun Dance where we conduct many rituals of help and healing. Despite personal challenges in health, she has been very helpful to my family and many others. In honing her gifts and skills as a healer and medical intuitive, she is gaining great skill and experience. It is time for her to open her gifts to the world.

 - Howard P. Bad Hand; Lakota Spiritual Leader

Dr Michael is the rare healer that backs her powerful intuitive ability with astute clinical observations followed by detailed nutritional advice. A therapist, shaman, healer, psychic and nutritionist rolled up in one. If you are ready for a true healing instead of a cure, she can help you.

 - AB; NYC


Every once in a while during a lifetime comes a new horizon; A road that leads to a safe harbor and a field of potential. For me that meeting came in the form of a one on one consultation with Dr. Maria Michael. The bond was instantaneous and I have had the privilege and honor to watch this remarkable woman evolve from dedicated psychologist to ultimately embracing her incredible gifts for healing.

I've seen what she can do for myself and others. Not only have I had first hand ceremony with Dr. Michael but have also recommended many of my own clients. All have returned from their 'visit' with the “good doctor” with a sense of amazement and incredulity at the accuracy of detail. They left refreshed, relieved, reoriented, and sometimes stunned. They sensed a new energy moving about and within them. And then suddenly they realized there was still much to ponder.

Normally I am quite the skeptic and profoundly discerning, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is a woman who stands within the grace of God. I've known Maria Michael for over 25 years and have had numerous opportunities for breakthroughs on all the body levels.

• Psychologically she has helped me shift deep blocks of resistance.

• Emotionally she has helped me soothe and relinquish old and unrelenting demons.

• Spiritually she has nurtured my course of learning and has shared many insights and mystical mind alterations with me along the way.

However, I must note that I am most stubborn with her advice on how to bring my physical body into balance and align it with its optimum energy. Her consistent reminders are both serious and kind. As for my listening, I simply say..."ok, ok!" She allows me to hold that space, until I am ready to let go.

In it all, on every occasion as friend, advisor, confidant, and healer, the one thing that is irrevocable and irrefutable is the constant presence of the love. She honestly cares about all her clients. No one who crosses her path can deny her connection with the love and faith regarding a greater presence in the exchange.

Within the full healing experience with Dr. Michael comes the understanding that this is a champion of spirit, a companion and teacher. She is a light of great courage and discovery and so she reminds you of those very things within yourself.

I believe that anyone serious about healing is well advised to take some time out to meet and receive a wondrous event called Dr. Maria Michael.

 - Reverend Patricia Canova; NYC, NY

My intent is to support you to maximize your potential; to live your birthright, so you can fulfill your life on all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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