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Every once in a while during a lifetime comes a new horizon; A road that leads to a safe harbor and a field of potential. For me, that meeting came in the form of a one on one consultation with Dr. Maria Michael. The bond was instantaneous and I have had the privilege and honor to watch this remarkable woman evolve from a dedicated psychologist to ultimately embracing her incredible gifts for healing.

I've seen what she can do for myself and others. Not only have I had first hand ceremony with Dr. Michael but I have also recommended many of my own clients. All have returned from their 'visit' with the “good doctor” with a sense of amazement and incredulity at the accuracy of detail. They left refreshed, relieved, reoriented, and sometimes stunned. They sensed a new energy moving about and within them. And then suddenly they realized there was still much to ponder.

Normally I am quite the skeptic and profoundly discerning, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is a woman who stands within the grace of God. I've known Maria Michael for over 25 years and have had numerous opportunities for breakthroughs on all the body levels.

• Psychologically she has helped me shift deep blocks of resistance.

• Emotionally she has helped me soothe and relinquish old and unrelenting demons.

• Spiritually she has nurtured my course of learning and has shared many insights and mystical mind alterations with me along the way.

She allows me to hold that However, I must note that I am most stubborn with her advice on how to bring my physical body into balance and align it with its optimum energy. Her consistent reminders are both serious and kind. As for my listening, I simply say..."okspace, until I am ready to let go.

In it all, on every occasion as friend, advisor, confidant, and healer, the one thing that is irrevocable and irrefutable is the constant presence of the love. She honestly cares about all her clients. No one who crosses her path can deny her connection with the love and faith regarding a greater presence in the exchange.

Within the full healing experience with Dr. Michael comes the understanding that this is a champion of spirit, a companion and teacher. She is a light of great courage and discovery and so she reminds you of those very things within yourself.

I believe that anyone serious about healing is well advised to take some time out to meet and receive a wondrous event called Dr. Maria Michael.

Reverend Patricia Canova, NYC, NY



Dr. Maria Michael has the unique ability to see the body’s intra-cellular and spiritual level in great detail and accuracy. Her medical intuitive gifts allow her to make a big difference in diagnosing and directing the treatment of patients. She is especially effective in finding the root cause of a patient’s illness. An illness can be seen as the body breaking down physically, mentally or chemically. Knowing the origination of the breakdown is critical in helping the patients’ healing. Dr. Michael’s astounding abilities have helped me in my practice to do just that. Without her help, getting to the root cause of a patients’ illness would have taken months. With her help the process was immediate.

Using Dr. Michael and her skills gives the patient and the doctor a very clear and concise picture, much faster than an M.R.I. or blood test. If I had my way I would have her involved with every patient that is in my practice. If that were the case, I am convinced that the success rate of my care would dramatically increase.

I have also witnessed Dr. Michael’s work with patients with closed head injuries and multiple traumas. Dr Michael can shift through critical events quickly, start the emotional healing and give the patient the needed counseling to bring them to a less traumatized state. From this place boundary issues of the body can be eased and the healing process can be greatly accelerated.

I strongly urge anyone with history of trauma of emotional, physical, chemical, and/or mental nature to pursue her excellent service.

Mike Vidmar, D.C., Longmont, CO.


I was a little scared to attend this retreat. I felt alone and unsure about what would be ahead. After all, I had never been to an Ancestral Wisdom Healing Circle. And although Dr. Maria Michael had been highly recommended to me by someone whim I do respect very much as a powerful healer, I had never met her or not had I yet understood how she works with our Ancestors. I learned so much on this one weekend retreat. It has changed me in so many ways. 

It was an honor to have attended the November 1-3 retreat Remembering Who You are and Maximizing Your Potential with Dr. Maria Michael and everyone.  The Ancestral Wisdom Healing Circles, Meditations and Prayers and Water Ceremony have impacted me positively in so many ways. It took me some time to be able to put my thoughts about the experiences into these words; because the impact is that strong. Dr. Maria Michael truly is an inspiration. She is so dedicated to the care and well being of us all and just seeing her working tirelessly for the good of the participants was in and of itself a healing. 


The facility, Our Lady of Grace Retreat House, was a lovely space to be in. The building and grounds are a peaceful place and we were treated with fresh and wholesome food and beverages. From the moment I arrived there, I felt welcomed and comfortable. Everyone from my fellow participants to staff was kind and helpful. Dr. Maria and Mary Beth took great care to explain the processes and scheduled a full weekend. 

The sacred water ceremony was a powerful start to our weekend.  We were introduced to the beautiful and powerful Ancestral drumming and prayers. We shared a very special time during which the water was blessed and then shared. 

On Saturday morning we received clear instruction from Dr. Maria about the healing circles we were about to participate in. Then we were prepared for the circles with a special mediation. In the afternoon we began the healing circles which continued through the rest of the weekend. We were instructed to send certain healing colors and specific tones to the individual in the circle. The powerful sounds of the toning and the strength of the intentions with the visualization of healing colors we were instructed to send to the persons in the center of the circles was at times overwhelming-overwhelming in the sense that we knew and understood we were working with the help of our Ancestors to send healing to our friends in the center of the circle. Just by those acts alone and from the perspective of being in the outer circle, I felt I was also being bathed in healing colors, light and sound. 

I was given an opportunity to enter the center circle. I had no idea as to whether this would happen, as I was instructed not to anticipate it.  Healing would occur whether I was inside or outside the circle; but for some reason I was impelled to move inside the circle on the second session. There I felt the powerful sensations of energy being aimed toward my body. Dr. Maria asked if she could touch my body, and was instructed by Spirit to tell me certain things only I was aware of about my past, and my own healing. I received specific advice and instruction on how to think about my own past and to make the transformations I need to in order to move forward. Those healing words, and the sounds and energy I received while in the circle are reverberating with me every day. I’m feeling stronger and more empowered to heal both physically and emotionally.  

Also by virtue of having learned better breathing and having toned the sounds for quite lengthy periods at a time, I feel that having been a part of these healing circles has opened up my airways and strengthened my voice. This is a gift I had not expected. I feel that in the future, I would definitely benefit from being part of the healing circles, no matter whether I would be inside or out.

When the weekend was over I felt so close to the others who were there and to that special place.  We had all participated in each other’s healing. We learned together. We laughed and cried together.  There was an overwhelming amount of love and care there; and we had formed a special bond, and we are like family.  So in a way, I’ll never leave from that place. I’ll always be there. I’ll always feel the love and care. I am never alone. 

Louise Isgro-Ibrahim

              Remembering Who You are and Maximizing Your Potential          November 24, 2019

My intent is to support you to maximize your potential; to live your birthright, so you can fulfill your life on all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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